One World, One Nation…

…and the British…

I am grieving. I am sad.


Personally, even though I consider myself a well informed person, I can’t even predict what this actually means now. Will it be “good” or “bad” for any economy? Will it be “good” or “bad” for some people, many people, anyone at all? Oh, to be sure, someone will get rich in money by this – someone always does. But all that does not truly trouble me, at all. So why the heck am I so deeply sad?

I believe that my sadness is due to that missing feeling of “togetherness”, the feeling (and maybe hope) that people are getting closer, borders and boundaries are merely left on maps. This great invention of “internet” had me believing that in times of Twitter, Facebook, Skype and all the other wonderful tools we are, indeed, one big nation of people – or at least that more and more people think that same way.

Brexit now shows me that the painful borders are those in the minds of people, not always those on maps – although we have seen in the last years that the physical borders that enforce those on the maps are very painful, as well.

I begin to think now, what is it that makes people want and celebrate that Brexit? Is it the missing need of belonging? Is that already the core, did “the EU” never manage to make so many British feel and understand that they belong to us, that we belong together? Will belonging to themselves give them the satifaction of having this need fulfilled? And for how long – probably until they discover that they don’t belong to the bigger picture anymore.

I understand that very likely for myself nothing will change much – I will still be able to read the blogs and g+ entries of some of my favorite tech Brits (shout out to Gavin, Steve and others), talk to Ray via Skype but you know what happens in my mind? In my mind they seem to be moving a few steps away – stupid, I know, but that’s what happens. I dare to say that if this happens in my well informed and open mind it will happen in other’s minds, as well. And then again, that makes me sad – I want people getting closer to each other, at least in their minds, not gaining distance.

One World. One Nation of People.

EU Flag


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