Something I wrote

It’s been a while again and today I found an entry in a notebook – no really, I’m speaking of an old-fashioned notebook with pages and hand-written entries. Just want to share.

“Here I stand with trembling hands and I look down a winding path. My knees are shaky and I can feel the ghust of cold wind in my face. I gather my armor, carefuly woven of both confidence and deep knowledge of my own needs. My only weapon will be the pure passion that I carry within.
Equipped with this I start my first steps down that unknown path. I carry in my heart the candle that will give me just enough light to sometimes see my very next steps. However small this light is, I share it so it can slowly light other fires where I walk. In the distance I see other little flashes of light moving, other daring knights willing to take on whatever mountain needs to be climbed, whatever troubled water needs to be bridged.
The enemies and obstacles that cross our path, we will not fight, but rather embrace them with our sole weapon – pure passion for the love and beauty of this world.
As we move on, together our candles will connect and form a brighter light that will shine down our path and enlighten all that surround us.

One day I will stand and look back on a winding path. My grip will be firm, my legs will be strong and my heart will be filled with the love for all I stand for, for those walking the path with me and for all other individual beings. The bright light that now emerges from within me will enlighten my surroundings and I still share it everywhere I am.
I will turn and look forward, I will smile, lead on and with my trust and believe bring courage to those young knights with their trembling knees that are just starting to walk the path with me.”


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