Dear world

Dear world, what is happening in parts of Germany last night and the night before does not represent all of Germany, least of all all Germans.
70 years after the end of WW2 some several hundreds of people are on the streets, violently protesting against refugees and foreigners – and the police seems unable to protect those, that need protection most, those that have been through living hell the last months, when they left behind all they had and escaped with their lifes, and we all know that not all of them succeeded on the way.
I’d like to say that it’s only a part of Germany, only Saxony – but while that is true it does not make it better. Germans are violently fighting against foreigners.
I can’t quite tell you how much this hurts and is embarassing and I have trouble describing what this does even with my ample background in non-violent communication. I feel deeply sad, it truly brings tears to my eyes thinking of those poor people which are seeking for nothing else but some safety, calmness and maybe even a feeling of belonging together.
Maybe that is exactly my problem here – I do not belong to those Germans that raise their hands (and weapons and hate-speech) against refugees, I violently refuse to be named “German” in the same sentence as those.
Besides that sadness there is a good part of fury. Were I to decide at this second and had I the possibility I would probably take those people and send them onto some forgotten island to live by themselves. I know, that is not very non-violent, I should understand that those protesters likely also have their needs unfulfilled and that the actual problems are somewhere deeper and hidden – and have not been addressed by politics properly since 1989. I know that. I do. Still, don’t give me proper weapons at this time.
Dear world – I don’t know what else to say. What’s worse, I don’t know what to do.
Signed, André, earth inhabitant


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